SLAMDANCE relishes in the absurdity of the stories we tell to explain Black people’s participation in their own culture. In sound, video, and performance, the project considers various attempts at defining Afropunk, traces the social shape of the pit, and advocates for the radical possibilities of vastly over and under-explaining the historical origins Black punks.

“If I was black and normal I’d still get fucked with, so I might as well do what I want to do and just take my chances.”
-Marlon Whitfield, Another State of Mind (1984)

SLAMDANCE garage, 2021
The Performing Garage

presented through Towards A New Collectivity: The Performing Garage in partnership with Kaneza Schaal

design by Cheyanne Williams and Gabriele Preston

support from David Glista, Andres Abenante, and Camila Ortiz

supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

photos by David Glista

The Kitchen OnScreen

curated by Alison Burstein

SLAMDANCE basement, 2019
Arts @ 29 Garden

design by Gabriele Preston

photos by Eva Rosenfeld