Until Other Times is a memorial service, a dream confessional, and a slow dance at the end of the world. The project considers how human and non-human animals navigate the fabricated scarcity of colonial economies, rejecting imposed limitations on our memory, our environment, and our capacity to care for one another.

directed by Ian Andrew Askew

performed by Kiara Benn, Jailyn Phillips-Wiley, Sifiso Mabena, and Ian Andrew Askew

scenic design and lighting by Cheyanne Williams
design associate Abena Osei Duker

sound by Camila Ortiz and Ian Andrew Askew
sound associate Zach Salem-Mackall

costumes by Afriti Bankwalla
costume associates Emily Ford and James Gibbel

puppets and masks by Ian Andrew Askew, Cheyanne Williams, Abena Osei Duker, and Nina Guevara

JACK, 2023
presented as work-in-progress with JACK Radical Acts Festival 2022 with lighting by Wyatt Moniz and Sarazina Joy Stein

photos by Theo Cote and Steven Pisano